Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today we went down to Room 8 to watch a clip about the characters from the movie 'Cars'. We talked about what the characters looked like and what their personalities were like. We made a mindmap using our ideas about 3 of the characters then we used the mindmap to help us do some descriptive writing. This is the clip we watched.

This is the mindmap we did with Room 8.

Here are some excellent examples of our descriptive writing:
Lightning McQueen is red. He had stickers on him. He has smiley teeth. He has big eyes. CW
Sally is shiny and she is pretty. Sally doesn’t like to be dirty. She is blue like the sky. She has a big smiley face. She has 2 big eyes. She has stripes on her wheels. Sally is sparkly and shiny. KM

Lightning McQueen is red. He has got lightning on him. He is really fast. He is a star because he is so fast. Lightning McQueen is winning the race. CB


  1. Thank you for coming and working withus Room 1. We loved having you and you gave us terrific ideas I am very impressed with you all. Come and work with us again, anytime!

  2. The cars clip was cool, thank you for inviting us to watch the cars clip, my favourite was sally and my second favourite was lightning mcqueen KCS Room 1