Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thinking Hat Thursday - If cars could fly . . .

Today we put on our green thinking hat and thought about all the things that might happen if cars could fly. Here are our ideas. Can you think of any more?

If cars could fly . . .
I could go to another country whenever I liked. Miss T
it would be dangerous if there was a storm. HG
you would be able to fly past the Sky Tower. KB
they would need big wings that flap like a bird or a dragon. AH
they might crash in the sky and fall down. PA
they might crash into a mountain. LM
you could bungy jump from your car. RW
you might crash into a building. JB
they would be expensive. Miss T
you can fly out of the city really quickly. KB
you might crash into a plane. BC
we would need petrol stations in the sky. KCS
they could have a remote to make them go up and down. BC
they would need wings. SB
you might get stuck on the branches in a tree. KO
they might fly too fast. EQ
you would need traffic lights in the sky. AM
you could park on a cloud and parachute down. CW
you wouldn't be able to see when you went flying through a cloud. CB
the policemen could wear rocket packs. SB
you might crash into a helicopter. KM
you could fly into space and park on Pluto. EQ
you could land on the roof. CV
you could see the sea down below. RW
they could fly under the water and see dolphins. AH
you would be able to see the whole city out the car window. EH

Monday, August 24, 2009

Transport Alphabet Key by KCS

KCS wrote this alphabet key about transport all by herself. She is so clever!

Fire engine
Ice cream truck
Roller skates
eXhaust pipe

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our trip to MOTAT

Yesterday we headed to MOTAT as part of our topic about transport. We saw lots of different types of transport and lots of old vehicles. Check out our slideshow to see some of the photos that we took on our trip.

Then read all about it!

I went to MOTAT on a bus with my Mum. It was fun. We met Fraser. After that we looked at old transport. They used a horse carriage to carry people. It would be fun because you wouldn't need to drive. We looked at buses. Old buses are electric. Next we had lunch. Then we went for a ride to the planes. Then we went home. RW

I went on the bus to MOTAT. When we got there we had morning tea. After we went with Fraser. He took us to look at transport. We looked at a model train. After we had lunch. Then we went off to look at planes. On the bus I had a sleep. JB

On Tuesday I went to MOTAT. Our MOTAT teacher was Fraser and he taught us things about transport. We looked at the fire engine and I learned that they fell off because they had no roof so they made rooves. Then I went on to the transport trail. I looked at the model railway. The little train went out of the tunnel. Then we had lunch. Then we went to the tram station. It was fun riding on the tram. Then we looked at the planes. There were badges. The biggest badge was off a plane. Then we went back to school on the bus. I fell asleep on the way home. CB

On Tuesday we went to MOTAT on a bus. When we got there Fraser was our teacher. We looked at old transport. The motorbike was my favourite. A's Mum took us on the mirror maze and I went on the big black train. Then we had lunch. Next we went on the tram. We looked out of the window. I heard bumpy noises. I went to see the planes. Then we went back to school.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Animal Alphabet Song

Can you think of any more animals that start with each letter of the alphabet? You could try making your own animal alphabet key!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thinking Hat Thursday

Today we learned 2 new things. We learned about Thinking Hats and we learned how to use voicethread to record our ideas. We used the yellow and black thinking hats to talk about whether or not children should be allowed to drive cars. The yellow hat ideas were the good points and the black hat ideas were the bad points. Have a listen to our voicethread and see if you can think of any more ideas. Leave us some feedback to tell us what you think.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lightning McQueen Similes

We did so well writing similes about our big wheel items that we decided to try writing some about Lightning McQueen. Here are some of our favourites. Can you think of any more?

Lightning McQueen was as loud as a tornado sucking up a house. KCS

Lightning McQueen is as loud as Mr Rolfe. RW

Lightning McQueen has big wheels like a plate. KM

Lightning McQueen is loud like thunder. MH

Lightning McQueen is as red as Clifford the Big Red Dog. JB

Lightning McQueen is red like fire. CV

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Big Wheels Wednesday

Today we were allowed to bring something with big wheels for Big Wheels Wednesday. We had lots of fun riding around the netball courts (being careful not to crash into anyone!) and talking and writing about our big wheel items. We wrote some similes about how fast we could go. Check them out and leave us a comment to tell us what you think!

My scooter was as fast as a cheetah sprinting for its prey. KCS
My bike was as fast as the strong wind. RW
The scooter was as fast as a dolphin diving in the water. KM
My scooter is as fast as a mermaid swimming. HG
The scooter was as fast as a cheetah running. KO
My scooter was as fast as a huge cheetah that is hungry. MH
My scooter is as fast as a dog running. CV
My bike is as fast as a speedboat. BC
My bike is as fast as a shark chasing a fish. CB
My go kart was as fast as a cheetah sprinting. LM
My scooter was as fast as a motorbike. PA
My skateboard was as fast as a jet plane. KB
My scooter was as fast as a cheetah running. CW

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Today all the Pod 1 classes met on the big courts to look at 2 different motorbikes. One was a traditional style and one was more modern looking. We looked closely at each motorbike and some of us took photos of the interesting features. Then we listened to each motorbike to see if they sounded the same or different. When we got back to our classroom, we made a Venn diagram of all the interesting features that we noticed.

Can you use the information in our Venn diagram to work out which photo is of which motorbike?

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Monday, August 3, 2009

All About Cars

Today we brainstormed all our ideas about cars and their features. We came up with lots of ideas! Can you think of any other ideas we could add to our wall? (You can use the scroll bars to see the rest of our brainstorm or follow this link click here)

After that we headed outside to look at Mrs B's 1962 VW. We could see lots of things that were different when we compared it to the other cars in the carpark. Have a look at the photos we took. What differences can you see?

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