Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today we watched part of the movie Herbie. We made a brainstorm of all our ideas about Herbie.

Then we did some shared descriptive writing about Herbie.

Herbie is a beetle car. He is dirty white with blue and red stripes. He has little round mirrors that stick out. He is old and dirty and rusty and Maggie found him at a car dump. He has the number 53 on his badge.
Herbie made a vroom sound when he was racing. He honked and beeped his horn to tell Maggie things. When he moved his tyres he made a screeching sound.
Herbie is cheeky and he likes to play tricks. Sometimes he is a bit naughty but he is a good friend to Maggie. In the race he shows off and he wants to win. He drives all by himself.

Can you find the ideas from our brainstorm in our shared writing?


  1. This looks fabulous Room 1. Your teacher is very clever! I love all your descriptive words you did awesome shared writing together. Room 8 and Ms F had fun watching Herbie with you today.

  2. Mrs T (Miss T's mum)!July 29, 2009 at 9:42 PM

    You are all very clever Room 1. Now I will have to show my children at school what fun we could have creating a blog to share our learning with you.