Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spring has Sprung!!

This morning we went for a walk to look for signs that Spring had arrived. We took photos along the way of all the interesting Spring things that we saw. We even found some sunbathing ladybugs and a very busy buzzy bee collecting pollen!!

Spring on PhotoPeach

When we got back to our classroom, we made a Y chart about all the things we saw, heard and smelled.

JB (who has only been at school for 1 term) did this fantastic piece of descriptive writing all by himself!

On our Spring walk ... we heard a bee buzzing and the bee had black and yellow stripes. It was collecting pollen from one of the flowers. The orange flower was turning white. The grass was sparkly.


  1. I really liked reading your writing. You noticed so many things on your Spring walk. I am glad it is getting warmer now. KND

  2. Room 1 - you saw lots of interesting things on your spring walk. I'm glad you took photos of your favourite things. Spring is a very fresh happy season I think. Keep up the great thinking and writing. Mrs T.