Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thinking Hat Thursday - If cars could fly . . .

Today we put on our green thinking hat and thought about all the things that might happen if cars could fly. Here are our ideas. Can you think of any more?

If cars could fly . . .
I could go to another country whenever I liked. Miss T
it would be dangerous if there was a storm. HG
you would be able to fly past the Sky Tower. KB
they would need big wings that flap like a bird or a dragon. AH
they might crash in the sky and fall down. PA
they might crash into a mountain. LM
you could bungy jump from your car. RW
you might crash into a building. JB
they would be expensive. Miss T
you can fly out of the city really quickly. KB
you might crash into a plane. BC
we would need petrol stations in the sky. KCS
they could have a remote to make them go up and down. BC
they would need wings. SB
you might get stuck on the branches in a tree. KO
they might fly too fast. EQ
you would need traffic lights in the sky. AM
you could park on a cloud and parachute down. CW
you wouldn't be able to see when you went flying through a cloud. CB
the policemen could wear rocket packs. SB
you might crash into a helicopter. KM
you could fly into space and park on Pluto. EQ
you could land on the roof. CV
you could see the sea down below. RW
they could fly under the water and see dolphins. AH
you would be able to see the whole city out the car window. EH


  1. Wow - Room 1 you are amazing writers! It's wonderful to see how many different ideas you came up with. I think it would be fun to park on a cloud and parachute down like CW said!

  2. I just love all the ideas you came up with using the Thinking Hats. It would be so great to take off to another country. Your ideas showed that you really had your thinking caps on. Well done.