Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sheep Descriptions

Today for writing we described the sheep from the clip we watched about Little Bo Peep. Can you find some of the words from our brainstorm in our writing?

The sheep are as fat as a hot air balloon and they are as white as a pillow. They are as fluffy as a cloud and the legs are as black as a tip of a pencil. They have hard feet. KCS

The sheep is as fluffy as a feather pillow. It looks like a fluffy cloud. They ran as fast as a killer whale attacking a fish. CB

The sheep had a black head and black back legs. It is white like a coloured pencil. LM

The sheep had a long tail and the sheep had floppy ears. They were white and they walk on the ground. They walk to hide from Little Bo Peep. HG

The sheep has floppy ears on top of his head. He had a fluffy white coat and it looked like candyfloss. He had black feet and a skinny tail. CW

The sheep were so fluffy like a big cloud. They had cute legs. They were so fast like a cheetah. They were so fluffy like the biggest clouds in the world. EQ

The lamb is white like the snow. It is fluffy like the big cloud. KO

The sheep is fluffy like candyfloss. He is white like snow. CV

The sheep are white as snow. Their ears and feet are black. They went so fast! JB

The sheep is white like a snow leopard and the sheep is white like an icicle and fluffy like a teddy bear. SB

The sheep is as white as a snowflake. The tail is as long as a worm. It ran as fast as a mouse being chased by a cat. The wool is as fluffy as a pillow. The legs are black as a pencil. It's as big as a cat. The legs are as long as a candystick. The legs are as black as a fly. KM

The sheep is white like a cloud. AH

The sheep is white. The legs are black. The ears are long. The wool is puffy. PA

The sheep are white like a snowflake. Their ears are black and their tails. They are happy because they are smiling. There are 8 of them. They are cheeky. They are fluffy and boofy like a white cloud. Their feet are black. They ran really fast. EH

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