Thursday, October 22, 2009

What if . . . Mary had a pet ELEPHANT?!

Today for Thinking Thursday we used the What if? thinking key to talk about what might have happened if Mary had a pet elephant that followed her to school. Here are some of our ideas.

If Mary had a pet elephant and it followed her to school ...

it would smash all the classrooms and it would squirt the people. EQ
it would take me home in the middle of school time. JB
it would give some kids some rides home. They might be able to sit on its back. KCS
I think that he might join the baseball team and use his trunk to hit the ball. SB
it will give me a ride home. HG
it might break the book box shelf and muddle all the books. We wouldn't be able to read from the book boxes. KM
it might stand on peoples toes. It will hurt very, very, very much. EH
it could give the children a ride on its back at lunchtime. CB
it would slide down the muddy hill and the elephant would get muddy. CW
it might squash Mary and it might also mess her desk. She would be angry. AM
it would go in the slide and after that it would go to the swimming pool. KO
it would spray water with its trunk. AH
it will go to the pool and squirt people. RW

What do you think might have happened?

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