Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Today all the Pod 1 classes met on the big courts to look at 2 different motorbikes. One was a traditional style and one was more modern looking. We looked closely at each motorbike and some of us took photos of the interesting features. Then we listened to each motorbike to see if they sounded the same or different. When we got back to our classroom, we made a Venn diagram of all the interesting features that we noticed.

Can you use the information in our Venn diagram to work out which photo is of which motorbike?

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  1. Hi Room 1
    I just love your new blog! You have been doing all sorts of interesting things in your class this term and I see you have visitors to your blog from all over the world! You are very good photographers too - the photos are nice and close so I can see lots of details. Keep up the fantastic work!